Our Services

Self Discovery

My grandmother used to tell me that there are only two important days in one’s lifetime, the day you are born, and the day you know why. Before you get to know why, you first have to know who you are. You are unique in your own best way and in order to optimize your potential, you need to have a grip on the authentic self. Who you are is a fundamental question that guides one’s processes through life. Answering key questions such as “Who am I?”, and “What are my values?” will help boost your self awareness and enhance clarity in your life. At Moninda Well-being we will work together to answer these questions to help you move smoothly through various facets of life

Self Care and Balance

We are constantly up and down trying to meet the demands and obligations of life. Our bodies are clamoring for health and pleasure, our mind is constantly looking for peace and joy, our emotions are seeking love and companionship, and our energies in quest of ecstasy and blissfulness. Like a candle burning on both ends, we seek our wellbeing as we offer service to others. Without selfcare, this process can lead to a burnout. It is important for us to balance our own health and wellbeing even so we continue to shaere our service to others. Though self-care must ultimately become a process of your own creation, we will help you to develop strategies and techniques for better self care that will allow you to manifest more energy and ease in your life

Time Management

“Time is money” is not a foreign concept especially in a country
such as the US which pays the majority of her workers by the hour. That concept may be foreign to people coming from a salary based economy, where a normal working day may run beyond the agreed time with no extra pay. Time management is not only as a precursor to productivity but also to the overall success on various spheres of life. We provide you with a structured tool kit to help enhance your productivity but also reduce stress that comes with procrastination. Managing your time well will enhance your focus and overallenergy distribution to optimize productivity and well-being.

Career Coaching

What does a career mean to you? Is your career inspired by its returns, a sense of purpose or both ? We live in a world that is
constantly redefining what success means, a world where people wake up each morning to go to work but still question their motivation. What does success mean to you in the pursuit of a career path? Identifying your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses, and discovering what is truly important to you is the beginning of a successful path to a purposeful career. Using our career coaching tools, we will help you lay a strong foundation that will empower you to define your career path, live your purpose and shape your destiny

Goal Setting

Much research has been conducted for years on the importance of goal setting as a precursor to success, but very little has been devoted towards addressing the uniqueness of an individual in the process of goal setting. If you know what works and why it works for you, you will be in a better position to guide your vision. Setting goals helps shape a behavior, guide focus, sustain momentum, align your focus, and enhance self mastery. Our tools will help guide you to explore your vision, identify balanced and meaningful goals, and foster clarity through the process.